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Top Free Online Paid Surveys for USA Residents

Do you know that you can earn money and free rewards by taking paid surveys online? Yes, your thoughts and ideas are very valuable. There are many marketing research firms and social research companies that would like to pay you for your honest opinions online. You will find a list of top free online paid surveys for USA residents here.

You may wonder why they want to pay you. They pay you because these research agencies can use your opinion and feedback to improve the products and services offered by their clients. Their clients pay them to conduct the research studies, and they in turn provide some incentives for you to take part in their studies.

It is quite easy to take online paying surveys and get paid. What you need to do is simply to follow 4 easy steps.
1. Pick a survey website.
2. Join it for FREE.
3. Take online paying surveys.
4. Claim your rewards.

There are at least 2 things that you need to get paid by surveys on the internet.
1. A computer or a device with the internet access.
2. A valid email account.

You need the internet access because you have to visit their websites and join their panels on the web. Most studies nowadays are conducted on the internet, with relatively few studies conducted on the phone, by mail or in person.

When signing up for a survey panel, you will usually need to give them your email account. That is because they can contact you by email when there is a survey suitable for you to participate in. In order to avoid being spammed, you should check their privacy policy and terms of service to see how they will use your email and other personal information before signing up. It is wise to make sure that your information is in good hands.

It is FREE to take online legitimate paid surveys and make money. You don’t need to spend any money to participate in surveys and get paid. The reason is simple. They should pay you for your time, and you should not pay them. Most of consumer survey panels and online survey communities are FREE to join.

The following is a list of free legitimate online paid survey sites where you can be rewarded for doing online surveys. This list is for residents of the United States of America (USA) who need to get “paid surveys”. If you are not from USA, you can choose your country from the list shown on the top right of the sidebar and then you will see the list specifically for your country or region.

A List of Free Legitimate Online Paid Survey Websites:

1. Global Test Market
At Global Test Market, members will be invited by email to take online paid surveys and earn Market Points. Market Points can be redeemed for cash. Their payment is issued in checks. You must be 14 years of age or older to sign up. US residents are eligible to join the Global Test Market panel.

The owner of the SurveySavvy site is Luth Research LLC., an American company located in San Diego, California. Luth Research LLC., is a BBB accredited business and its current BBB rating is A+. After signing up at SurveySavvy, you will get opportunities to be paid by completing surveys on the internet. They will pay you cash or free sweepstakes entries for your survey participation. The payment will be issued by check. The minimum cashout amount is $1. Surveysavvy is a program accepting members worldwide including US residents. The age requirement for their membership is not clear.

3. SurveyHead
SurveyHead is one of websites belonging to United Sample, Inc., a BBB accredited business. By joining this survey site, you may be invited to do online paid surveys and earn rewards such as free magazine subscription, gift certificates from major retailers, Paypal cash and the like. This site is only for people aged 18 years or older. At this time, there is a $5 sign up bonus for this survey site.

4. Mindfield Online
Mindfield Online is brought to you by McMillion Research LLC. By doing surveys, members will get free sweepstakes entries and also cash. The cash will be delivered via Paypal or check. This survey site is for people who are older than 14 only.

5. Hotspex
Hotspex is a survey website owned by a Canadian company, but this site accepts members across the world including residents of USA. By signing up at Hotspex, you will have many chances to participate in online surveys and earn rewards including free entries of prize drawing and Amazon gift cards. To sign up as a member of this site, you have to be at least 18 years of age or older.They limit one membership per household.

6. Valued Opinions
At Valued Opinions, panelists will get chances to take paid surveys online on many topics such as travel, consumer products and so on. By sharing their opinions, panelists earn rewards that can be redeemable for gift cards from major retailers. Only people with an age of 16 years or older can register at this site. The Valued Opinions site is accepting residents of USA.

7. Toluna
Toluna is an online reward community where members can answer paid surveys and take polls. After finishing paid surveys, members will earn rewards points that are redeemable for cash, gift cards and other prizes. For US members, they will receive their payment in check. The minimum redemption balance is 60,000 points. Please be aware that you have to use your points within approximately 1 year, otherwise your points will expire. The minimum age requirement to join this community is 18 years old. They accept both US residents and people from many other countries.

8. Cada Cabeza
Cada Cabeza is an online rewards community specifically for US Hispanic residents. This site supports both English and Spanish languages. Membership in the Cada Cabeza community is free. By answering survey questionnaires, members will be rewarded with points that can be redeemable for cash. The payment will be issued in check. The redemption threshold is $20, which is equal to 1000 points.

9. MySurvey
MySurvey is owned and operated by Lightspeed Research Ltd., a BBB accredited business. It is an online place for consumers to participate in consumer research and get paid. By completing surveys, members can earn rewards points that can be redeemable for many rewards including cash, gift certificates, charity donation and the like. You can use Paypal to receive your payment at MySurvey. This panel is open to US and international members with aged 14 years or older.

10. Brand Institute
The owner of the Brand Institute survey panel is Brand Institute, Inc., a US-based company. At this site, consumer panelists can earn cash incentives by answering paid surveys or participating in focus groups. The cash rewards will be issued in check or through Paypal. Only people who are 18 years old or older can join Brand Institute panel. It accepts US residents as well as eligible members from other countries. This site supports multiple languages.

11. MyOpinionNow
MyOpinionNow is owned and operated by a US-based company. This survey panel only accepts residents of US and Canada. Member of MyOpinionNow can earn reward points by taking online surveys, and redeem points for cash or prizes that they want. The minimum redemption threshold is 2000 points. The cash payment will be issued through Paypal.

12. Opinion World
The OpinionWorld site is owned by Survey Sampling International LLC. This online panel is only for people living in the United States of America. They don’t accept members from other countries. You must be 14 years of age or older to sign up for this survey panel. As a member of OpinionWorld, you may be invited to answer marketing research surveys and earn rewards points. The points can be used to redeem for cash and gift certificates. The cash will be paid via Paypal.

13. Consumer Village
Consumer Village is an online consumer research panel managed by Gongos Research, a US-based company. They reward their panelists with Amazon gift certificates for taking surveys and participating in marketing research studies. This panel is only for US residents only.

14. American Consumer Opinion Panel
American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) is owned and operated by Decision Analytics, Inc., a BBB accredited Business. ACOP accepts US members as well as people from many other countries. As a registered member of this site, you may be invited to do surveys. In return, they will reward you with points that are good for cash redemption. They pay with checks.

15. Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost is a survey panel owned by Survey Sampling International, LLC. This survey site is only open to people at least 18 years old living in US or Canada. Members of Opinion Outpost may be invited to take paid surveys and earn rewards including cash, sweepstakes entries and charity donation. Their payments are made via Paypal.

16. HCD Research Panel
The HCDSurveys Research Panel is owned by HCD Research Inc., an American company headquartered in Flemington, New Jersey. Registered members on this site will get chances to take paid surveys to earn points. The rewards points can be redeemed for cash. You will receive your cash in check. The minimum cashout threshold is $10 (1000 points). This research panel is only for US residents aged 18 years or older.

17. Ipsos i-say
Ipsos i-say is a survey community owned by Global Ipsos group. This site accepts both US and international members. By taking paid surveys, Ipsos i-say members will earn points that can be redeemed as different rewards including cash, gift cards and charity donation. The cash will be paid in check. The minimum redemption threshold for this site is 1000 points.

18. My View
The MyView community is owned by Authentic Response, Inc.. By answering surveys and sharing opinion, MyView members will earn points and redeem them for rewards including prepaid Visa cards and gift cards. Please be aware that the prepaid Visa card expires after a certain period of time. This community is only for US residents who are 13 years of age or older.

19. Springboard America
The Springboard America is an online place where Americans can share their opinions and earn rewards. This site is owned by Vision Critical, an American company based in San Francisco. By completing surveys on this site, you will be rewarded with survey dollars that can be redeemed for real money or donation to charity organizations. The money will be paid in check. The minimum balance to redeem is $50. To be an eligible member of the Springboard America panel, you must be a legal resident of USA and 14 years of age or older.

20. SurveySpot
The SurveySpot Community is owned by Survey Sampling International, LLC., which is also the owner of Opinion World. As a free member of this site, you can take surveys and earn rewards. The survey rewards on this site include cash, gift cards and free sweepstakes entries. This community is only for US residents and you must be 18 years of age or older to sign up. The cash rewards will be issued via Paypal.

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