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Get Paid Surveys Australia | Top 100 Free Online Paid Survey Sites for Australians

January 7th, 2011 · No Comments

This is a free survey directory of the top 100 online paid surveys for Australia residents. In the following survey list, you will find more than 100 top members-rated online surveys sites which pay Australians for their valuable opinions on a lot of daily life related issues. Online surveys are carried out by market research companies who want to collect data on consumers shopping habits. Not all of these online survey sites are operated by market research survey companies physically located in Australia. Some of them are run by international market research companies, which are conducting market research projects targeting Australian markets. But all the online survey sites you find in the following survey list welcome Australians to join in. Australian consumers can sign up at these online survey sites, do some simple and fun surveys, and get paid for their thoughts. These surveys are commonly known as “online paid surveys”.

What are online paid surveys and why do people want to take online paid surveys?

Online paid surveys (Australia) provide opportunities for Australian consumers to give their opinions on the design, advertisement and distribution of commercial products and services, which are available in Australian markets. Australian consumers’ feedbacks are seriously considered by major manufacturers and commercial companies, and are used to shape the market future in Australia. Australians’ daily lives are more or less influenced by all the commercial products and services on the Australian market. So by being involved in the production of the commercial products and services, Australians can gain more control of their own daily lives. But this is only one reason for Australians to participate in online paid surveys. The other two good reasons for people taking paid online surveys are: 1st, taking online paid surveys is fun; 2nd, taking online paid surveys can turn spare time into spare money. People can learn many new things when taking online Australia surveys, for example, new technologies, new TV programs and new products. And they will get first hand information on Australian market trend. Survey panel members can make money and earn cash with online paid surveys. Usually market research companies who host online surveys would like to give survey panel members some gifts or cash as rewards for their valuable inputs and efforts. Even though the money for a single survey is not significant, it is decent financial compensation for survey-takers’ time. Usually they pay $1-$10 for 5-60min surveys. That is why these days some Australians even take “online paid surveys” as a part-time work-at-home job in Australia. If you live in Australia, want to make money online using your spare time and meet the age requirement, you can sign up at the following online paid surveys sites specifically for Australians.

How online paid surveys work and how you can make money with online paid surveys?

First, Australia adult residents (people live in Australia with age of 18 years old) sign up at the reputable online paid survey sites listed below (top 100 online paid surveys Australia). All the memberships from these online paid survey sites are 100% FREE. It is totally FREE to join online paid survey sites and take online paid surveys. You don’t need to pay anything at all. Second, when you sign up at the online paid survey sites, you need to provide information about you such as your name, email address, living address, your occupation, your shopping preferences and so on. But you don’t need to provide your social ID number and your credit card numbers. Legitimate survey websites never ask this information. Third, after you register at online paid survey sites, they will send your survey-invitation emails within 2-4 weeks. Fourth, you use the link in the survey-invitation email to honestly finish the paid survey and submit your survey result. Fifth, when all the surveys are done for the market research project, they will pay you either by sending you a check or directly deposit money into your paypal account. The survey rewards vary from survey to survey and from company to company. That is the reason that you always want to join survey sites which can provide more paid surveys with higher cash incentives.

What will you find in the free survey directory of top 100 free online paid surveys (Australia)?

Here, you will find 100 best and highly-rated online paid survey panels, which are available for Australian residents to join. Their survey panel names, brief survey panel descriptions, paid survey rewards offered and payment methods are listed. If you need to learn more information on certain survey panel, you can use the links provided, either to read the full review and leave your comment, or go to visit the survey panel’s website. Remember to read the privacy policy on each survey panel website before sign up, and make sure your personal information is in a good hand.

If you are not an Australian resident or don’t live in Australia, you may not want to use the survey directory of top 100 paid online surveys (Australia) because some survey panels listed on the directory are only available for Australian. In order to find the high-quality paid online survey panels quickly for you, please check or choose your country or region by clicking the corresponding country name on the sidebar, which will lead you to the survey directory of your country or region. Of course, if you want, you still can take a look of paid survey sites listed under the survey directory of top 100 online paid surveys (Australia), since many of them welcome international members as well.

Click the links below  to see top-rated online paid surveys Australia.

List of Top 100 Free Online Paid Survey Sites for Australians:

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