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Top 100 Best Free Online Paid Surveys for US Residents – Part 6

June 5th, 2012 · No Comments

1.       Univox Community
The owner of the Univox Community is Market Cube, a company dedicated to marketing research services. It is free to be a member of the Univox Community. At this consumer online community, members may be invited to take online surveys, share their thoughts and insights and earn rewards. For each completed survey, you may earn points that can be converted to Amazon gift certificates (codes). 100 points can be redeemed for $1. The minimum redemption level is $25. After signing up and finishing your profile survey, you will get 500 points (equal to $5) right away. Univox is an international panel that accepts panelists worldwide.

2.       Shopper’s Voice
Shopper’s Voice is a website owned by ICOM Information & Communications L.P.. At the Shopper’s Voice Consumer Research Center, shoppers can take surveys to give their opinions on products and services. By participating in market research surveys, participants may get free samples, coupons, special offers and free sweepstakes entries as rewards. If you are lucky, you may win money in their cash sweepstakes. The membership of the Shopper’s Voice panel is free. There are two types of memberships available including: portal membership and online membership. The portal membership is for people who want to take paper surveys by mail. The online membership is for people who want to take surveys online. At this time the Shopper’s Voice panel only accepts panelists from US and Canada.

3.       RAM Panel
The RAM Panel is for people who want to give opinions on newspaper, magazine and website content. They conduct research surveys about how people read advertising and articles. RAM stands for Research and Analysis Media. It is free to join any RAM panel you want. As a registered panelist of RAM, you may be invited by email to take online surveys and earn points that can be redeemed as rewards of your choice. RAM has panels for people from 20 countries or regions including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, UK, Germany, USA, Italy, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Scotland, Brazil, Estonia, Barbados, Austria, Chile, and Colombia. For each country or region, there are several panels for different media. When signing up, you have to choose your demographic location and the media you are interested in.

4.       Palm Research
Palm Research is a daily survey site owned by a US-based company. It is free to join the Palm Research site. As a registered member of Palm Research, you will receive survey invitations in your email every day. By completing these daily surveys, you will get paid with cash. Your money will be accumulated in your account. Once there is more than $10 in your account, you will be paid via Paypal. US residents and international members are accepted at Palm Research.

5.       True Panel
True Panel is an online community of consumers who would like to share their views on products and services by taking online surveys. The company behind True Panel is Qualvu Inc., a company providing video-enabled market research solutions. It is free to sign up at the True Panel. As a registered member of True Panel, you can take part in paid market research studies conducted on the web via a video recording device by Qualvu. To thank you for your participation, they may reward you with cash, gift cards (such as Amazon gift cards, itune gift cards and so on), charitable donations, free sweepstakes entries and free products and services. To participate in their paid market research studies, you may need a device with an internet connection and video capture capability. Membership of the True Panel is available to people from across the world.  Only people older than 13 years of age can join this panel.

6.       JDPowerPanel
The JDPower Panel is powered by USample (United Sample Inc.) and owned by JDPower and Associates, a company providing marketing information services. J.D.Power and Associate is part of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc..  It is free to sign up as a member of the JDPower panel. Members of this site may be invited to answer online surveys to give their opinions on many products and services. By participating in these market research studies, members will be rewarded with a variety of rewards including Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, charitable donation and more. The JDPowerPanel community accepts members worldwide. The age requirement for membership is not known.

7.       Research Lifestreaming 
The company behind the Research Lifestreaming community is Harris Interactive Inc., an American marketing research agency. Research Lifestreaming is a unique market research platform where they integrate members’ social networking activities with online surveys and other traditional market research approaches. The membership of the Research Lifestreaming community is free. But they require their members to be members of their Harris Poll Online (HOPL) panel and use Facebook or Twitter social networking sites. Members of Research Lifestreaming may earn rewards by participating activities like online surveys, private community discussions and more. The youngest age needed to become a member of this community is 18 years of age.

8.       Reckner Opinions
Reckner Opinions is an internet market research panel belonging to J. Reckner Associates, Inc., an American marketing research company headquartered in Montgomeryville, PA. It is free to sign up at the Reckner Opinions panel. After joining this consumer research panel, you can get chances to be paid by participating in paid market research studies including focus group, online surveys, telephone surveys, interviews, product testing and more. Diverse rewards are provided as incentives for your participation, including free sample products, free drawings, monetary gifts, charitable donation and more. The Reckner Opinions panel may be only open to US residents.

9.       Buzzback
The Buzzback panel is brought to you by Buzzbuck LLC, an American company. You can sign up at the Buzzback panel for free.  Once registered, you may get chances to earn money by giving feedbacks and taking surveys online. In order to show their appreciation for your participation, they may reward you with prizes including cash, gift certificates, charity donation and numerous other rewards. The Buzzback panel may accept members worldwide. They only accept individuals aged 18 years or older.

10.   Whatusersdo
The Whatusersdo panel is owned and operated by Whatusersdo Ltd., a UK company providing online usability testing and user experience research services. It is free to sign up as a tester at Whatusersdo. It is a global panel and open to internet users worldwide. As a tester of Whatusersdo, you may get the chance to participate in their studies to test their client’s websites and get paid with cash. They pay up to $8 per test. The payment will be made through Paypal or deposit into your UK bank account.

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