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Top 100 Best Free Online Paid Surveys for US Residents – Part 7

June 6th, 2012 · No Comments

1.       Legerweb
The Legerweb panel is brought to you by a Canadian company. It is free to join the Legerweb panel. At Legerweb, members will be paid to take online surveys and share their thoughts and ideas. For each completed survey, the respondent will earn a certain amount of Survey Dollars, the virtual currency used on the site. Then they can convert the Survey Dollars into real cash. They can cash out by check or donate their earnings to charity of their choice. Right now the Legerweb panel only accepts members from US and Canada.

2.       Esearch
The Esearch panel is owned by Inc., a company providing online market research services. It is free to be a panelist at Esearch. Panelists of Easearch may get chances to take part in online surveys and be rewarded with incentives including cash and free drawings tickets. The cash payment will be made via Paypal. The Esearch panel accepts members worldwide. The youngest age required to be a member of Esearch is not specified.

3. Mobile Team
The Mobile Team is an online community of people who would like to take surveys on their smartphones. It is free to join the Mobile Team. To take surveys from this site, you have to download and install a free App for your smartphone. The Mobile App is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. By taking surveys on the go, you will earn cash rewards. You can cash out via Paypal when your account balance reaches $7.50. Also there is another panel that you can apply for free. You fill out a form to make an application, but there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. The panel accepts members worldwide.

4.       Consumer Input
The company behind the Consumer Input Panel is Compete Inc., an American company based in Boston, MA. It is free to join the Consumer Input Panel. To be a member of this site, you have to download and install a piece of software on your computer. The software will be used to monitor your web browsing patterns. Members of Consumer Input may be invited to take online surveys and earn incentives. At this time, the Consumer Input Panel only accepts US residents aged 18 years old or older.

5.       Centercode OnlineBeta
OnlineBeta is a beta testing community powered by Centercode Connect 9. It is free to sign up as a tester at OnlineBeta. Testers of OnlineBeta may participate in beta testing of unreleased products. This beta testing community accepts testers worldwide. And they don’t have an age requirement to be a tester on the site.

6.       Focus Forward Online
The company behind the Focus Forward Online panel is Focus Forward LLC., an American company located in fort Washington, PA.  It is free to sign up and take online surveys at the Focus Forward panel. Also they will pay you cash for your survey participation. The Focus Forward panel is only open to US residents older than 13 years of age.

7.       Usability Sciences
The Usability Sciences website is owned by an American company based in Irving, Texas. It is free to sign up as a tester at Usability Sciences. As a tester of this site, you may be invited to participate in paid research studies such as focus groups and usability tests. Participants of these studies may be compensated with money. It is an opportunity for people to make money with their opinions. The Usability Sciences site only accepts test participants from US.

8.       SurveyU
The owner of the SurveyU panel is Youth Pulse Inc., a US-based company. It is free to join the Survey U panel. At SurveyU, members may take surveys and get paid. The survey incentives offered at SurveyU include Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards and iTune gift cards. The minimum Paypal cashout level is $5 (equal to 150 points). The SurveyU community may only accept members from the US.

9.       Planet Panel
Planet Panel is an internet survey community belonging to MSI – ACI Europe BV, a consulting firm based in the Netherlands. You can join the Planet Panel community for free. Members of Planet Panel may get chances to take online opinion surveys and enter into the cash draws. The lucky winner will win cash from drawings and the cash will be paid via Paypal. The Planet Panel is a global community accepting members from 21 countries including USA. The age required to be a member of Planet Panel is 18 years old.

10.   MobileXpression
MobileXpression is a market research community of mobile users willing to shape the future of mobile internet. The participation of MobileXpression is voluntary and free. In order to participate in their studies and earn rewards, you need to install their research software on your phone. As an active member of MobileXpression, you may get free entries of their prize sweepstakes to win cash, gift cards and free products. MobileXpression is only for mobile users aged 18 years old and living in USA.

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