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Top 100 Best Free Online Paid Surveys for US Residents – Part 8

June 7th, 2012 · No Comments

1.       Quick Rewards
Quick Rewards Network is an online loyalty program where internet users can make money online. It is free join the Quick Rewards program. Members at this site can earn rewards by taking surveys online, visiting websites, watching videos, playing games and so on. By completing surveys at Quick Rewards Network, participants may be rewarded with cash and gift cards. There is no minimum redemption threshold for Paypal cash and the minimum redemption level for gift cards is $5. You can select from a wide range of gift cards including Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards and the like. The Quick Rewards Network is open to residents of US, UK and Canada only.

2.       Surveylion
SurveyLion is a survey site brought to you by Canadian ViewPoint Inc., a market research data collecting company based in Canada. It is free to sign up as a member at Surveylion. Member of SurveyLion may be invited to do online surveys and get paid. The survey incentives offered at SurveyLion include cash, gift cards, and free merchandise. The cash will be paid by check. SurveyLion accepts members worldwide. As long as you are older than 16, you may be eligible to join this survey program.

3.       SongPeople
Song People is an online community of people willing to give opinion on music. This Songpeople site is operated by Entertainment Media Research, a UK-based company providing entertainment research consulting services. There is no fee to join the Songpeople community. As a member of this site, you may be invited to take surveys about music. After successfully completing surveys, you will earn points that are redeemable for Amazon gift cards. You can request your rewards after your account has more than 2000 points. Membership of SongPeople is available to people worldwide. For people younger than 16 years of age, their parent’s permissions are required to join this site.

4.       ClickIQ
The company behind the ClickIQ e/visor panel is ClickIQ Inc., a market research and technology company based in US. It is free to sign up as a panelist at ClickIQ. Once registered, you may be invited to participate in focus groups, telephone surveys, online surveys and other types of paid market research studies. By participating in online surveys, participants will earn IQpoints, which can then be redeemed for cash. The cash will be paid via Paypal or bank direct deposit. The bank deposit payment option is only for US members. The minimum redemption level is $25. The ClickIQ e/visor panel only accepts residents of US and/or Canada aged 14 years old or older.

5.       MDC Research
The MDC Research community is operated by Market Decisions Corporation, a US-based company providing market research services. It is free to sign up as a member at the MDC Research community. Members of MDC research may be invited to participate in market research studies such as focus groups, product testing and online surveys and get paid with incentives such as cash and free products. This MDC Research community may only accept members from USA. The minimum age required for their membership is not specified.

6.       Datatelligence
Datatelligence Online is a community of people who would like to give their opinions on products and services important to their life. This Datatelligence Online community is operated by CRG Global, Inc., a US-based company providing market research data collection services.  By participating in market research studies such as online surveys and product tests, members of Datatelligence will be rewarded with Datapoints that can be exchanged for cash, gift certificates and other rewards. Members can get their incentives after they finish 2 surveys and have at least 1000 points in their account. This DataTelligence Online community only accept US residents with aged 13 years or older.

7.       Socratic Forum
Socratic Forum is an online research community for people who want to get paid by taking online surveys and sharing their opinions. This Socratic Forum community is owned by Socratic Technologies Inc., a US-based company with the headquarter office in San Francisco, California. The membership of the Socratic Forum is free of charge. As a registered member of this site, you may get chances to take surveys online and earn rewards such as cash, gift cards and free entries of sweepstakes. Once you have $5 in your account, you can request your payment. And the payment will be made via Paypal. The membership of Socratic Forum is only available to residents of US and Canada.

8.     Technology Adoption Panel
The Technology Adoption Panel is brought to you by In-Stat, an NPD group company. This panel is specifically for people who are willing to give opinions on technology usage and issues. It is free to join the In-Stat Technology Adoption Panel. As a registered panelist of this site, you may be invited to participate in online surveys to share your insights and opinions and ear the free entries of their prize draws. Active members of this site are also automatically entered their quarterly cash sweepstakes. The cash prize of the sweepstakes is $2000. The membership of the Technology Adoption Panel may be only available for US residents.

9.       TechSay
TechSay is an online market research panel specifically for IT professionals and IT purchasing makers. The TechSay panel is powered by Global Market Insite, Inc. It is free to join the TechSay panel. Panelists of Techsay will get chances to take surveys and get paid. For each finished survey, respondents will earn TekPoints that can be used for cash redemption. They pay by check and the minimum redemption level is $50. The membership of TechSay is available to people worldwide. If you are living in USA and older than 18, you may be eligible for this survey panel.

10.   Qfact
The Qfact consumer panel is owned and operated by Qfact Marketing Research LLC, an American company based in Cincinnati, OH. It is free to sign up as a panelist at Qfact. As a registered Qfact panelist, you may be invited to participate in paid market research studies such as focus groups, interviews, surveys, product tests and the like. Monetary compensation may be provided to participants. US residents older than 18 years are accepted at the Qfact consumer panel. Applicants younger than 18 years of age may need their parent’s permission to participate.

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