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Top 100 Best Free Online Paid Surveys for US Residents – Part 9

June 8th, 2012 · No Comments

1. PollBuzzer
The PollBuzzer Panel is operated by an American company. It is free to sign up at PollBuzzer. As a member of PollBuzzer, you can get paid to answer survey questions. For each answered question, you will earn $1. You can receive your earnings via Paypal, or you have the option to donate your earnings to non-profit organizations or charitable organizations. The PollBuzzer Panel is open to US residents who are older than 13 years old.

2. Survey on the Go
Survey on the Go is a mobile market research program owned by Survey On The Go LLC. It is free to join the Survey On The Go program. To participate in their mobile market research studies, you need to download the free Survey on the Go app and install it on your smartphone. The App is available for both iphone and android. With the free App installed, you can take surveys on your phone and get paid for your opinion. For each completed survey, they pay you cash as an incentive. You can redeem your cash through Paypal once your account has reached $10 in balance.

3. Safecount Viewpoint Community
The Safecount Viewpoint Community is for people who want to share their opinions on products, services and issues that are important to their daily lives. The membership of the Safecount Viewpoint Community is free of charge. And what makes it even better is that when signing up, you will get $5 for free. Members of the Safecount Viewpoint Community may be invited to take surveys and earn rewards points that are redeemable for Amazon gift cards (codes). The minimum redemption level is $25. This is a global community so that they accept members worldwide. The minimum age required for their membership is not specified.

4. AlphaDetail
The AlphaDetail market research panel is owned by AlphaDetail Inc., an American company which provides market research services for companies in the healthcare industry. It is free to sign up as a panelist at AlphaDetail. They also provide cash or gift honorarium for those who participated in their studies. They have panels for healthcare professionals and patients respectively. To sign up for the AlphaDetail panel of healthcare professionals, you must be a US registered physician. Other memberships may be by invitation only. To check your eligibility, see their site for details.

5. TrendScan
The TrendScan community is brought to you by EARSandEYES GmbH Hamburg, a Germany-based company providing online survey services. It is free to sign up at TrendScan. At this site, you will earn TrendChips by completing online surveys. TrendChips is the virtual currency used on the site, and it can be used to shop at the partners of TrendScan such as Amazon. If you like, you can also donate your earnings to charity. The minimum level which can be cashed out is $15. The TrendScan community accepts members from several countries including USA. They don’t have specific age requirement for their membership, but children younger than 14 years old need their partent’s permission to sign up.

6. eJury
At eJury, eligible people may be sign up as eJurors at their Mock Juries and Focus Groups. This service is brought to you by eJury LLC., an American company based in Bend, OR. It is free to be an eJuror at this site and they will pay you cash for your participation. The cash will be paid via Paypal. The requirements for being an eJuror are exactly the same to those for actual jury services in the United States of America. So only US citizens older than 18 years of age are eligible.

7. USA Talk Now
The USA Talk Now website is owned by Interactive Tracking Systems, Inc., a Canada-based company providing market research data collection services. It is free to join the USA Talk Now website. As a member of this site, you may be invited to take online surveys or participate in online focus groups. To thank you for your participation, they will reward you with points that are redeemable for gift cards or Paypal cash. The USA Talk Now program only accepts US residents with the age of 18 years old or older.

8. Cyber Survey
The Cyber Survey panel is owned by Fairfield Research, Inc., a US-based market research company. It is free to join this consumer survey panel. By joining this site, you may be invited to participate in their panel discussions or online surveys. To compensate you for your time and effort, they will reward you with free entries of their monthly sweepstakes. The winner of the sweepstakes may get gift cards or other gifts.

9. Mind Swarms
Mind Swarms is an online community of consumers who are willing to participate in research studies using their webcams. It is free to join the MindSwarms community that is owned by Mindswarms Inc., an American company located in San Francisco, California. As a member of this site, you may apply for participation in their studies. For each study, you need to answer several questions and record the whole process with your webcam. They pay $50 for each completed study and you can receive your payment via Paypal. The MindSwarms community is open to anyone anywhere in the world. If you are younger than 18 years old, you may need your parent’s permission to participate in the online studies.

10. 20|20 Panel
The 20|20 Panel is operated by 20|20 Research, a US-based market research firm. It is free to register and become a panelist of 20|20 Research. Once registered, you may be invited to participate in paid market research studies such as focus groups and product tests. Before being recruited for a study, you need to fill out a profile survey to see whether you are suitable for the study. The 20|20 Panel is only open to US residents.

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