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Top 200 Best Free Online Paid Surveys for US Residents – Part 12

June 11th, 2012 · No Comments

1. Inside Heads
The Inside Heads Online Research Panel is operated by Insideheads LLC.. Joining the InsideHeads panel is free of charge. As a registered panelist of this site, you may be invited to participating in online market research studies such as surveys and focus groups. They provide incentives to compensate you for your time and input. The incentives vary among studies. Some studies may award sweepstakes entries, others may be cash payment. The Inside Heads Online Research Panel may only accept US residents. The age requirement for their membership is not clear.
Click here to visit the Inside Heads site

2. Choozz
Choozz is an online panel brought to you by Survey Sampling International, LLC.. Joining Choozz is free. At Choozz, members can take surveys online and get rewarded with cash and vouchers. The cash payment will be delivered via Paypal. And members may also get chances to enter drawings to win prizes. The Choozz panel is only for young people living in the United States of America. They only accept US residents aged between 14 to 35 years of age.
Click here to visit the Choozz site

3. C2 Research
The C2 Research panel is owned by C2 Consumer Research, an American firm specialized in marketing research and based in Roseville, CA. It is free to sign up for and participate in paid research studies at C2 Consumer Research. After registering at this site, you may be invited to participate in paid focus group studies in the future. Usually cash honorariums are offered to compensate participants’ for their time and opinion. The C2 Consumer Research recruits participants of market research studies in US and many other international major cities.
Click here to visit the C2 Research site

4. iThink
The iThink panel is operated by i.think Inc., an American company specialized in online market search and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Joining the iThink panel is free. At iThink, panelists will get chances to do surveys online and get paid for their time and opinion. The survey incentives offered at iThink include cash, Amazon gift cards, charity donations and other prizes. You can use your Paypal account to receive your cash payment, once your account balance reaches $25. The membership of the iThink panel is available for US residents as well as people from across the world. To join this iThink research panel, you have to be at least 18 years old.
Click here to visit the iThink panel site

5. MedSurvey
The MedSurvey healthcare research panel is owned by Ricca Group, Inc., an American company based in Southampton, PA. Ricca Group, Inc. is a BBB accredited business and its current BBB rating is A+. It is free to be a panel member of MedSurvey. At this site, you will find two panels. One is for patients and the other is for healthcare providers and healthcare professionals. The panel for patients has not been launched yet. At MedSurvey, physicians and other healthcare professionals can participate in healthcare studies and get financial compensation.
Click here to visit the MedSurvey site

6. SpectraCom Research Panel
The SpectraCom Research Panel is owned by SpectraCom, an American company based in Milwaukee, WI. It is free to be member of the SpectraCom Research Panel. Registered panelists of SpectraCom may be invited by emails to participate in market research studies online or offline. By completing market research projects, participants may be rewarded with online gift certificates, free merchandise, free tickets of cash sweepstakes and other incentives. Membership of the SpectraCom Research Panel may be available to people living in US or Canada only.
Click here to visit the SpectraCom Research Panel site

7. Bellwether Surveys
The Bellwether Surveys panel is for people who would like to participate in online surveys and discussion groups and earn rewards. This panel is brought to you by a company/organization based in US. It is free to sign up at the Bellwether Surveys panel. Members of Bellwether Surveys may get chances to take part in online surveys and discussion groups to earn cash, or win prizes or cash. The Bellwether Surveys panel is only open to US residents aged 18 years old or older.
Click here to visit the Bellwether Surveys site

8. Opinionate
The Opinionate online research community is owned by MarketCells Limited, a company based in UK. The membership of the Opinionate community is free. Members of Opinionate may be invited to take surveys on the web and get paid with cash. The cash payment will be made through Paypal. The minimum cashout amount is $25. Charitable donations are also available. The Opinionate community accepts members worldwide including people living in USA. The age required to join Opinionate is not specified.
Click here to visit the Opinionate site

9. Market Surveys
The MarketSurveys community is owned and operated by The Dohring Company, an American company based in California. Joining the MarketSurveys online panel group is free of charge. As a member of MarketSurveys, you may earn MarketSurveys Points by completing surveys or other market research projects. The MarketSurveys Points may be redeemable for cash o prizes. At MarketSurveys, you can receive your cash through Paypal or by check. Only US residents aged 13 years old or older are allowed to join the MarketSurveys research panel.
Click here to visit the Market Surveys site

10. Advisory Panel
The Advisory panel is owned by Impulse Research Corp., a company based in LA, California, USA. It is free to sign up as a member of the Advisory panel. Registered members will get chances to answer surveys and share their thoughts, and earn free entries of cash drawings. The lucky winners will receive their cash prizes via Paypal. At this time, the Advisory panel only allows residents of US or Canada to join. Membership of the Advisory panel is also available to teenagers.
Click here to visit the Advisory Panel site

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