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International Paid Surveys: Top 10 Free Online Paid Survey Sites for International Members

Taking paid surveys is a reliable way to make money online for free. There are many market research companies and survey sites that are willing to pay you for your valuable opinions and insights.

A common question is : “Is it possible for people who are living outside the USA to make money online by taking paid surveys?” The answer is yes. There are survey panels that accept international members. If you are not living in USA, UK, Canada or Australia, you may find survey sites accepting members in your country in our “International Paid Surveys” section below.

Top 10 Free Online Paid Survey Sites for International Members

1. Global Test Market
Snapshot Global Test Market Review:
Global Test Market is a survey panel accepting members from 49 countries. This website is owned and operated by an American market research company named Global Market Insite (GMR) inc.. It is free to be a member of this panel. After signing up, you will receive survey invitations by email regularly. For your completed surveys, they will get you rewards points or free sweepstakes entries. The rewards points can be redeemed as cash. They pay cash via check. To be a member of Global Test Market, you have to be 14 years old and above.
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2. Survey Savvy
Snapshot Survey Savvy Review:
Survey Savvy is an online market research panel recruiting members worldwide. No matter where you are living, you may be eligible to sign up at this website for free. This survey site is owned and managed by Luth Research LLC., a USA corporation. At this site, you will be rewarded with cash or free sweepstakes entries. You will receive your cash by check. The cashout threshold at Survey Savvy is only $1.
Click here to learn more about Survey Savvy

3. Toluna
Snapshot Toluna Review:
Toluna is a web-based rewards community where members can get paid to take surveys or polls on the web. The membership of Toluna is free and available to people from many countries. That is why you don’t need to live in US or UK to join Toluna. But to be a member of this website, you must be at least 16 years old. A variety of survey incentives are offered at Toluna such as money, gift certificates, free sweepstakes tickets and more.
Click here to learn more about Toluna

4. Survey Head
Snapshot Survey Head Review:
Survey Head is a survey panel brought to you by United Sample, Inc., a BBB accredited business. Membership in Survey Head is free of charge. International members who are 18 years old and up are eligible to join this website. At Survey Head, members will receive emails of survey invitations on regular basis. After completing paid surveys, members will get rewards points that are redeemable for many gifts including Paypal cash, Amazon gift certificates, and the like. The minimum redemption level is $10. At this time, they are offering $5 as a sign up bonus for new members.
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5. My Survey
Snapshot My Survey Review:
My Survey is owned by Lightspeed Online Research Inc., a market research company based in the USA. They have survey panels for people from over 20 countries. Signing up as a member at My Survey is free. Registered members of My Survey will get survey invitations from time to time. They reward survey takers with a variety of incentives such as cash, gift cards, charity donations and more. To join My Survey, you must be at least 16 years old.
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6. American Consumer Opinion Panel
Snapshot American Consumer Opinion Panel Review:
The American Consumer Opinion Panel is owned by Decision Analyst, Inc., a USA company. But don’t be fooled by its name. Actually this survey panel accepts members not only from the US but also from many other countries. It is free to register as a panel member at the American Consumer Opinion panel. As a member of this site, you will be invited to share your opinion by taking paid surveys and earn money online for free. Cash will be paid to you via Paypal or check. The minimum age to be a member of ACOP is 14 years old.
Click here to learn more about American Consumer Opinion Panel

7. Brand Institute
Snapshot Brand Institute Review:
Brand Institute is a survey website owned by Brand Institute, Inc., an American company. A Brand Institute membership is free. As a member of this website, you may receive survey invitations on a regular basis. By completing surveys at this site, you will earn cash that will be paid via Paypal or check. As a global survey panel, Brand Institute accepts members worldwide. But only people with the age of 18 years old and above can sign up to become their members.
Click here to learn more about Brand Institute

8. AIP Online Surveys
Snapshot AIP Online Surveys Review:
AIP Online Surveys is a site containing several market research panels for people from many countries. The company behind this website is AIP Corporation, a Japanese market research company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Signing up as a panel member at AIP Online Surveys is free of charge. Registered members will get chances to participate in online paid surveys and earn rewards. They give Epoints to survey takers and Epoints can be used for cash or gift cards redemption. The minimum age required to join AIP Online Surveys is 16 years old.
Click here to learn more about AIP Online Surveys

9. Palm Research
Snapshot Palm Research Review:
Palm Research is a daily paid survey site where members can find paid survey opportunities every day. It is free to sign up as a member at Palm Research. Every day they send an email containing multiple paid surveys to your email address. You can complete these daily surveys to earn cash. The minimum payout level is $10. And you will be paid via Paypal. Palm Research accepts international members. You don’t need to be living in US or UK to join Palm Research.
Click here to learn more about Palm Research

10. Cash Crate
Snapshot Cash Crate Review:
Cash Crate is a web-based rewards community that provides many ways for people to earn extra money online. The membership of Cash Crate is free. One way to earn cash at Cash Crate is to take paid daily surveys. Overall there are 8 daily surveys that you can take every day on this site. They pay you cash for your completed surveys. Your earnings will be accumulated in your account. Once your account balance has reached $20, you can request your payment. They will send a check to you. Cash Crate accepts international members. To join this website, you must be 13 years old and above. Currently, they are offering $1 as a welcome gift to new members.
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