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Top 10 United Kingdom Paid Survey Sites | Get Paid Surveys UK

One way to make money online in the United Kingdom (UK) is to take paid surveys. Many people like to do this because they can answer surveys to earn some extra cash for FREE in their spare time. Meanwhile, they can get their opinions heard by major manufacturers and retailers and can influence the development of products and services that they know and use. It is FREE and simple to take legitimate paid online surveys and earn rewards. All you have to do is just the following four steps:

1. Find a legitimate survey site;
2. Sign up for FREE;
3. Complete surveys;
4. Get paid.

You need an email account for receiving survey invitations. When registering a new account on a survey site, you need to let them know your email address and fill out a profile survey with your personal information such as age, gender, address, occupation and the like. To be cautious, you should check the site’s privacy policy before handing in your information. If you don’t have an email account, you can get one for free on websites like,, and so on.

You may also need a Paypal account to receive your payment. Nowadays many paying survey sites make their payments using Paypal, because it is a convenient electronic payment system. But there are some sites that will mail your payment check or gifts to your address.

The following is a big list of paid online survey sites that you may want to consider signing up for to start making money online. This list is for UK residents who are looking for a free paid survey directory. If you are not living in the United Kingdom, you may still be benefit from viewing this list because many of these survey sites also accept international members. In addition, we may also have a list of paid survey sites specific for your country or region. To find a country-specific list, use the link located on the top right of the sidebar to choose your country and then navigate to the corresponding page.

List of Top Free Online Paid Surveys for Residents of the United Kingdom

1. Global Test Market
Global Test Market is a paid survey panel belonging to Global Market Insite (GMI), Inc., which is an American marketing research company based in Bellevue WA. They are members of many marketing research organizations including CASRO, AMA and many more. The GlobalTestMarket online community offers a chance for consumers to be rewarded by answering paid surveys. By participating in online survey studies, you can collect Market Points that can be exchanged for cash. The payment method they use is check. You can request your money once the account balance comes to 1000 points (equal to $50 US dollars).This web site is open to both UK residents and people from 48 other countries. Multiple languages are supported on this site including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and many more. The minimum age needed to join this community is 14 years old.

2. Toluna
Toluna UK is a web-based consumer survey website belonging to Toluna Group LTD., a UK company specialized in providing online panel and survey technology. The company is headquartered in London. Once you join the Toluna UK survey panel, you will get opportunities to get paid by taking polls and surveys on the web and test products. Actually there are many other ways to earn points on this site besides answering surveys. Incentives like gift vouchers and free tickets for drawings are some of the compensation provided to individuals who successfully complete their online surveys. The reward points must be converted to rewards within 16 months, otherwise they will expire. The minimum redemption threshold is 60,000 points (equal to $20). This community is specifically designed for people from the United Kingdom, but Toluna also has similar communities for people from many other countries. If you are not from UK, you have to choose your country before signing up. This site supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Japanese and more. People aged 13 years or older are able to become a member of this program.

3. American Consumer Opinion Panel
The company behind American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP ) is Decision Analyst, Inc., an American company dedicated in marketing research and analytical consulting services. It is a BBB accredited business, and their current BBB rating is A+. Once enrolled in the ACOP online program, you will get chances to make money by answering surveys on the web and participating in market research studies. Their survey benefits include cash and charity donations. The payment methods they use are Paypal, cheques and/or American Express gift cheques. $10 (1000 points) is the lowest payout threshold. They accept UK residents as well as international members. People aged 14 years or older can join this website.

4. Yougov UK
The Yougov panel is an online community belonging to YouGov plc, a company registered in England and Wales. At this web site, people will be able to answer surverysand earn rewards points. At this time, they are offering 100 welcome points for new members. The points can be redeemed as cash or used for prize draw tickets. You’ll get your money payment through bank deposit. If you are lucky, you may win cash or other prizes. The minimum balance that you can cash out is £50 (5000 points) at this site. In order to enroll in this site, you need to be 16 years old or more and live in the United Kingdom. But Yougov also has panels for people from other countries such as US, Germany and many more.

5. MySurvey UK
MySurvey UK panel is brought to you by Lightspeed Online Research Inc., a marketing research firm with its global headquater in NJ, the United States of America. Actually Lightspeed Research has panels for people from 25 countries including US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Germany and more. After signing up for this consumer survey panel, you will get opportunities to get compensated for filling out survey questionnaires on-line. By answering surveys, you can earn points that may be used to redeem for gifts including Paypal cash, Amazon gift vouchers, charity donations and other prizes. They allow you to redeem your rewards once your account balance reaches the minimum redemption threshold. 16 years old is the minimum age for participation in this MySurvey consumer panel. They limit membership to one per household.

6. Survey Savvy
The owner of Survey Savvy is Luth Research LLC, a firm operating out of the state of California, USA. After enrolling in this Surveysavvy website, we will get chances to get paid by completing surveys on the internet. Its survey rewards includes cash and free tickets for sweepstakes. The payment will be issued in checks that is delivered by mail. You could redeem your incentives after the minimum $1 payout threshold has been achieved. This program is available to both UK residents and people from all over the world. This site is available in both English and Spanish languages.

7. Maximiles
Maximiles is a web-based loyalty programme owned by Maximiles UK Ltd. a UK company based in London. This programme is an online place where people are able to earn rewards through many ways including finishing paid surveys over the internet. To show their thanks for your participation, they compensate you with Maximiles points. And the Mpoints can be redeemed for prizes. If you sign up now, you can get 100 points as a sign up gift. This site is only for people living in the United Kingdom. 18 years old is the minimum age required to join the Maximiles web site. Maximiles also has programmes for people from France, Spain and Italy.

8. Swagbucks
Swagbucks is an internet rewards community owned by Prodege, LLC, an American provider of online rewards portals. After enrolling in this online rewards portal, people will get a variety of opportunities to earn rewards online including participating in paid surveys. Participants will earn swagbucks, the virtual currency used on this website, and they can be converted to Paypal cash, Amazon gift certificates, gift vouchers, merchandise and other cool stuff. If you choose to redeem your rewards as cash, you can receive your payment using Paypal. They allow you to receive your Paypal cash after your account balance reaches $5. People who live in US, UK or Canada are eligible for this rewards program. 13 years of age is the youngest age required to enroll in the Swagbucks online community.

9. gfk surveys
The company operating this online research community is GFK, a company specialized in market research. This company serves both manufacturers and government. Your opinion will help their clients to develop better products and services. This research community is an online site where consumers can get paid by taking surveys on the web. Prizes such as money, gifts, prizes and free tickets of drawings will be given out for people who complete their paid surveys. They allow UK and international members to join this community. When registering, you can choose the language that you prefer. This site supports a variety of languages. For a limited time, they are offering a free entry of a sweepstakes for new members as a welcome gift. The prize of the sweepstakes is £1,000. For your information, you can also participate in GFK surveys through signing up at the Maximiles rewards programme.

10. Palm Research
The Palm Research program is operated by an American company based in San Diego, the state of California. Palmresearch is a place where people will be able to make money by doing surveys on the internet. Members will participate in surveys and earn cash. The payment is going to be distributed using Paypal. Members can redeem their incentives after the minimum $10 redemption threshold has been achieved. They allow residents of the United Kingdom and international members. They do not specify an the age requirement, but generally speaking, 18 years old is the lowest age required to take paid surveys online.

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